MAN TGA 41.530 - Nederhoff

To transport the first counterweight, outrigger pads and outriggers of Nederhoff's Demag AC 650 is the company using this sharp MAN TGA 41.530 with 6-axle counterweight trailer.

The truck is powered by a MAN D28, a 12.8-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with 530 hp. This is a 8x4 truck with two driven rear axles.

Behind the cabin are the large diesel tank, hydraulic oil tank and storage compartments made.

Attached is a Nooteboom OVB-102-06, a 6-axle counterweight trailer with year of manufacture 1998. The trailer can be loaded with maximum 66.8 tonnes.

With this trailer are 50 tonnes of counterweight, the outrigger pads and the two front-outriggers of the Demag AC 650 transported. Also a huge amount of rigging is taken on the trailer.

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