MAN TGS 28.540 - Moosmann Kranservice

Moosmann Kranservice from Wetzisreute (DE) is owning this sharp MAN TGS 28.540 to (dis)assemble and transport the bottom slewing tower cranes this company is hiring ans selling.

The truck is equiped with Palfinger PK 34002 SH lorry crane, the crane has a maximum capacity of 10 tonnes and 2.3 tonnes are lifted on a 12.2 meter radius. The outrigger base is 7.4 meters wide in the front and 5.6 meters at the rear.

The front axle has the optional hydrostatic MAN HydroDrive drive, the front axle is by speeds below 22 km/h automatically driven. The systems shuts off by speeds over 30 km/h. The axle formula is 6x4-4H.

The loading platform is here with 7.6 tonnes of counterweight of the Potain Igo 50 tower crane loaded.

Between the axles are the muffler, battery, airbarrels and two storage compartments made. On the other side the diesel tank, the AdBlue tank and another storage compartment can be found.

The Potain Igo 50 tower crane is folded down and attached. The crane is 16.39 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. With the attached axles the crane can be relocated with a speed of 25 km/h maximum.

For the locomotion takes a MAN D2066, a 6 cylinder diesel engine with a 12.4 liter stroke, that supplies here 540 hp, care.

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