MAN TGS 35.480 - MAN DemoTruck

A MAN TGS 35.480 demonstration truck of MAN that was part of the Trucknology Roadshow 2015. This truck is provided with the newest drive mechanism of MAN, the MAN HydroDrive.

It is a 4-axle truck with loading crane. On the bumper is a fifth jack made, to give the crane over 360 degrees his full capacity.

The truck has a 8x4H-6 drive line. That means, this is normally a 8x2-6 vehicle, where at a second axle, when necessary, can be driven hydraulically. 3 axles are steerable.

This hydraulical driven axle is put under the crane. The second axle can be activated from the cab when more traction is necessary - on construction sites, steep slopes and rough terrain. By speeds over 30 km/h is the axle switched off automatically.

A second advantage is the load reducing because there is no central axle and differential necessary. By more hydraulical driven axles is a weight reducing up to 400 kgs reachable.

The crane is an Effer 685/6S, the crane lifts maximum 18.8 tonnes at 2.92 meter reach and on a 17.13 meter reach still 2,930 kgs.

The hydraulic driven axle is recognizable on the outstanding hub.

A very sharp truck with an interesting drive line.

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