MAN 33.502

This impressive MAN 33.502 of a small company from the south of Germany stood parked in Illertissen (DE) during a weekend. This truck was previously used by Maximum from Berlin (DE) and later by Attollo, also from Berlin. The blue from the first owner can still be seen on the front bumper.

The truck is powered by a 18.3 liter V10 MAN diesel engine with 500 hp. All axles are powered.

Behind the front axle are the muffler, compressed-air tanks, battery and a storage compartment made. The large diesel tank is made behind the cabin. The silver colored lorry cranes reminds to the period where the truck was used by Attollo.

The truck was used by its first owner the transport rail vehicles on a special trailer. The larger boxes are fixed to the truck. Inside the boxes is a heavy hydraulic winch installed to load and unload the rail vehicles from the trailer.

The lorry crane is a Palfinger PK 52000 with a maximum capacity of 14.6 tonnes. The powerpack on top of the boxes is used to power the hydraulic vibrator that is laying below the lorry crane.

The truck is equipped with a torque converter and has a large cooling for that, it can be seen behind the cabin.

Now the truck is mainly driving with a 4-axle Goldhofer TU4-2x2-31/80 low loader, good voor approx. 31.5 tonnes of loading capacity. The load exists out of multiple steel profiles.

An impressive and sharp vehicle! It is unknown if the truck is today still active in Germany.

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