MAN TGA 41.400 - Koeman Berkhout

This MAN TGA 41.400 with Putzmeister M42-5 of Koeman Berkhout was used to dump a foundation floor for a new barn at the island De Woude.

With the five-part boom is dumped on a max. distance of 37.5 metres.

The outrigger base is 7.9 x 7.5 meters.

This concrete pump was used to pump the concrete that was delivered by the Mercedes Actros 5051 with Putztmeister M52-5.

The mass of the vehicle is about 38 tonnes.

However, the only access to the island is a ferry with a 10 tonne capacity.

This pump has reached the island per pontoon.

With assist of the Doosan excavator is the ramp removed.

The concrete pump leaved the pontoon further on another quay.

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