MAN TGA 41.540 - Felbermayr

A MAN TGA 41.540 of Felbermayr from Wels (AT) stood along the German Autobahn near Hockenheim (DE) parkerd.

The TGA 41.540 is the succesor of the TGA 41.530, optical recognizable on the Adblue tank in front of the second axle. The transmission comes from a 6 cylinder D26 engine with a 12.4 liter displacement and 540 hp, that was built since 2007. In 2007 was also the succesor of the TGA series, the TGX series, introduced.

It is a 160 tonne truck, the truck weights around 13 tonnes.

Behind the cab is an easy equipment tower made, a large diesel and oil tank in the middle. Below the tanks are some airbarrels made. Above the tank are some storage compartments made. Between the first two axles are the battery and the Adblue tank made, on the other side is here another storage compartment and the muffler made.

The load on the 6 axle Goldhofer semi lowloader is an oversized machine.

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