MAN TGA 41.530 - Buwalda / Kriek

Showmans Buwalda and Kriek are enterprising this imposing fairground attraction "Gladiator". It is called a turbine with a total height of about 62 meter.

For the transport of the mast trailer was a used MAN TGA 41.530 bought.

The trailer is offcourse very special. It was built by Mondial from Heerenveen (NL) and has 5 axles. In operation is the mast erected vertical and extended. On the head section is an arm mounted, which is swinging with a maximum of 20 visitors over 3 axles.

It is an used truck from Germany, before the truck war driving by MTG Spedition from Berlin (DE).

The truck was provided with a very short wheelbase. By Toni Maurer from Türkheim (DE) is the second steerable exle built-on.

The trailer has a mass of about 70 tonnes.

Behind the cab is an extra large tank and a storage box made. Between the 1st and 2nd axle are, below the batery, some airbarrels made.

In the beginning was it a 4-axle trailer, lateron was a 5th axle built-on to reduce the axle loads. On the 5th axle are laying the outrigger pads.

The challenge can start now, the trailer with a length of about 20 meters has to leave the city center of Hoorn (NL).

Then combination has to drive backwards for the last time.

And finally the combination can drive to the highway, on the move to the next fair!

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