MAN TGA 26.460 - M. Brunner Transport

M.Brunner Transport from Littau (CH) owned this interessting MAN TGA 26.460 with 60 mt lorry crane.

It is a truck with a 6x4H-4 drive line, that is a 6x2 truck with an hydraulic driven front axle. The truck is powered by a 12.1 liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with 460 hp.

The axle allignment is very differnt. The base of this truck as a 4x4H truck, that required because of the mass of the lorry crane an addition axle. The steerable second axle was installed by Toni Maurer from Türkheim (DE).

This truck was often used in the mountains and should be very manoeuvrable for that.

The Palfinger PK 60002 lorry crane has a maximum capacity of 19.4 tonnes and lifts 2.94 tonnes on a 19.4 meter radius. With the additional jib is the jib length maximum 30.4 meters, the crane lifts 350 kg at that radius.

This truck could also be equiped with a small box.

Attached is a 2-axle Meusburger flat trailer.

A very interessting vehicle! In 2018 was this truck replaced and is not in use anymore with M. Brunner Transport.

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