MAN TGA 41.540 - Bau-Trans

This sharp MAN TGA 41.540 of Bau-Trans from Lauterach (AT) stood parked along the German motor way 7 and would continue it's trip after 10:00 PM.

TGA TGA 41.540 was the successor of the TGA 41.530 and was only very short available on the market because the succesor TGX 41.540 was already came within one year. This truck has an Euro 5 engine with AdBlue technology.

The truck is powered by a 6-cylinder 12.4 liter MAN D26 diesel engine. Behind the front axle are the battery and the AdBlue tank installed.

Behind the cabin is a simple equipment tower made, a large diesel tank and an oil tank in the center. Below the tank are the compressed-air tanks installed. Above the tank are storage compartments made.

On this side are behind the front axle the muffler and a storage compartment made.

Attached is a 4-axle Goldhofer low loader.

The load was a part for a power plant that was made by Bertsch.

A sharp combination in the old colors of Bau/Trans, today is the company more and more using the blue colors of Felbermayr, the mother company of Bau-Trans.

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