Hino 700 SS 2848 - Millenium Logistics

This sharp combination of Millenium Logistics from Pontian Kechil (MY) exists out of a 3-axle Hino truck with a 4-axle trailer. The combination was delivering a large concrete module to Singapore (SG).

The truck is this sharp Hino 700 SS 2848 with 6x4-drive line. The truck is powered by a Hino E13C, a 12.9-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 358 kW (480 hp). In Japan is this truck sold as Hino Profia.

Behind the front axle are on this side the battery and compressed-air tanks mounted.

Attached is a 4-axle Zenith low loader with rigid axles, the last axle is liftable. The cargo is a large concrete module. The combination has a maximum total mass of 51 tonnes.

Behind the front axle are on this side the Euro 4 muffler and the diesel tank mounted.

The module would in Singapore be finished and temporary stored. A sharp combination of Millenium Logistics!

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