Junttan PM 20LC - Van Schie

A Junttan PM 20LC of Van Schie from Mijdrecht (NL) on a construction site in Amsterdam-Noord (NL). Some concrete piles for houses have to be driven here.

The undercarriage has a 4.35 meter width and a 5.05 meter length. For the transport over the road, the undercarriage can be retrackted to 3.3 meters.

The piling rig can be used to drive piles up to a 19 meter length. The capacity of the piling rig (pile and hammer) is 16 tonnes.

In the leader is hanging a Junttan HHK 5A hammer. The hammer has a 9.1 tonne mass and a ram weight of 5 tonnes. The hammer gives 40 to 100 blows per minute.

The horizontal adjustment of the sliding table is 1.5 meters.

The rig is powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 engine with 240 hp.

The counterweight is extendable from 4.2 to 5.7 meters tailswing and weights 6.05 tonnes. The rear stabilizers are optional and are giving counterpressure by inclinated pile driving. The maximum inclinations are 4:1 forwards and backwards.

Adjustment of the leader happens by adjusting the hydraulic cylinders. The rig is fitted with two winches, both do have a 10 tonne capacity.

The leader has a 24.65 meter length.

The year of manufacture of the piling rig and hammer is 2000.

The total- and transport weight of the rig is about 60 tonnes. For the transport of the piling rig has Van Schie a small fleet with lowloaders available.

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