Junttan PM 18-30 - Keller Grundbau

An interesting Junttan PM 18-30 of Keller Grundbau from Offenbach am Main (DE) stood on a construction site in Krumbach (DE) to fabricate foundation piles for a new school.

The Junttan PM 18-30 is powered by a Cummins QSM11 diesel engine with a power of 280 kW.

The undercarriage is in working position 7.32 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. For the transport over the road can the undercarriage be retrackted to 3.5 meters.

With this pile driving method is a tube driven into the ground by use of a drop weight. Then the tube is filled with rebar and concrete and pulled out of the ground.

The PM 18-30 can be fitted with a 20-tonnes main winch and a 12-tonne aux winch. The cabin is in breadth adjustable, to give the operator a better view on the work that is done.

The counterweight has a fixed radius of 4.1 meters.

In the specially shapped leader is an in-height movable concrete bucket installed, that is used to fill the tube with concrete.

An impressive and special rig.

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