Junttan PM 20LC - Funderingstechniek Heeg

This sharp Junttan PM 20LC of Funderingstechniek Heeg from Heeg (NL) was used in Wervershoof (NL) to drive piles for a new shed. The rig's year of manufacture is 2001.

The PM 20LC has a leader length of 24.65 meters and can be used to drive piles with a maximum length of 21.5 meters into the ground.

The undercarriage is 4.35 meters wide and 5.05 meters long, the width can be reduced to 3.4 meters for the transport over the road. The rig has a total mass of approx. 65 tonnes.

The counterweight is 1.5 meters extendable.

In the leader is hanging a 4-tonne Junttan hydraulic impact hammer with a total mass of approx. 8 tonnes.

A very sharp rig by Funderingstechniek Heeg!

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