Junttan PM 16 - FBB

A Junttan PM 16 of FBB Spezialtiefbau from Rebstein (CH) was working in Staad (CH) to drive piles for a foundation for a new hall. The Junttan PM 16 is the smallest piling rig made by Junttan and has a 19.2 meter leader to drive piles with a length of about 16 meters.

Here was it necesarry to drive wooden piles with a seperate concrete head. The rig has a 37 tonne mass with the hydraulic hammer included. The max. capacity (hammer and pile) is 12 tonnes.

The engine is a Cummins QSB6.7 with 240 hp. The two hoist winches have a capacity of 8 and 5 tonnes.

The undercarriage is 4 meters wide and 4.46 meters long.

A detail of the Junttan HHK 3a hydraulic hammer.

For the transport over the road is it possible to retrack the undercarriage to 3 meters, the leader can be folded down by hydraulics. The total height is then 3.6 meters only, the length is 19.2 meters.

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