Junttan PM 25HLC - Boer B.V.

This Junttan PM 25HLC of Boer B.V. from Meerkerk (NL) is an old rig of Heikade. This piling rig was used to drive concrete piles on a construction site in Amsterdam (NL).

The undercarriage is 5.7 meters long and 4.4 meters wide. For the transport over the road the tracks will be retrackted to a 3.4 meter width. The transport mass without hammer and counterweight is around 51 tonnes.

Here is a Junttan HHK 7A hydraulic hammer used, a hammer with a ram weight of 7 tonnes and an overall weight of 11.2 tonnes. The maximum capacity are 100 blows per minute.

The piling rig is powered by a Cummins QSM 11 engine with 376 hp. The two hoist winches do have a capacity of 10 tonnes, the auxiliary winch 5 tonnes.

The leader has a maximum length of 26.65 meters, it is possible to drive piles up to a 26 meter length with it. The piling rig is here in operation with a 20.65 meter long leader. The leader itself is 4 meters extendable, and can reach a maximum height of 30.65 meters.

The counterweight is 1.5 meters extendable and has a maximum tailswing of 5.7 meters. The counterweight weights 8 tonnes.

Boer B.V. owns a second Junttan PM 25.

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