Woltman THW-A1200 HC - De Klerk

De Klerk from Werkendam (NL) is specialized in piling- lifting and dreging around and on the water and is using multiple ships and equipment for this. They are also using this sharp Woltman THW-A1200 HC, a 120-tonne heavy duty crane with year of manufacture 2001.

The Woltman is mainly used as a heavy duty crane. There is an option to use the crane with a leader, this is why the crane is fitted with a sliding table to stabilize the leader and bring it into the correct position.

The undercarriage is 6.1 meters wide and the tracks are 7.37 meters long. The crane with fitted with two 12.5-tonne hoist winches.

The A-frame has a total height of 7.5 meters, measured from the ground. To reduce the height, for the transport over the road or for a low bridge, is it possible to fold the A-frame down.

The counterweight weights 32.9 tonnes and has a 5.95 meter tailswing. The two large vertical supports are used to increase the stability, between the main boom and the outriggers are then two large struts installed.

Here stood the crane with a 36 meter long main boom, the crane can lift in this configuration maximum 49.5 tonnes on a 9 meter radius or 9.3 tonnes on a 30 meter radius. As a piling rig is a maximum 40 meter long leader available, the maximum capacity (pile and hammer) is then 21 tonnes.

Usually is the Woltman working on the ship "Biesbosch", that has a 57.9 meter length and a breadth of 11.46 meters. The ship was parked here in Amsterdam (NL) because De Klerk was working here on a large project in the port.

A very sharp crane by De Klerk! In 2020 was the then 19 year olf crane fully revised and upgraded. The counterweight was increased and the crane was fitted with a tiltable cabin, prepared for some more years with heavy duty work!

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