Weserhütte W 320

A Weserhütte W 320 heavy duty crane on a gravel pit near to Memmingen (DE). The crane is erected without bucket and is parked here for a longer time.

The Weserhütte W 320 was shipped out for the first time in 1976. In total has 49 units been produced.

The crane could be fitted with a MWM D 232-V12 with 277 hp or a CAT 3406 T with 292 hp diesel engine.

The W 320 could, depending on the length of the jib, beeing used with buckets up to 5 cubic meters.

The A-frame has a total height of 7.2 meters, the tailswing of the counterweight is 4.6 meters.

The mechanically driven crawlers have a 6.1 meter length and a 1.1 meter breadth. For the transport over the road the tracks could be removed.

A detail of the fairlead. The crane is fitted with 32 mm cables.

The undercarriage has a 4.8 meter breadth, the clearance between the crane and the ground is around 0.5 meters.

This crane was previously owned by Porr and has serial number 23.

In Germany are still around 5 units of this machine present. The mass is around 95 tonnes.

The boom length varies from 22 tot 43 meters. Here is the crane with a 29 meter boom erected, it is possible to work with a 3.5 cubic meter bucket with this boom length.

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