Weserhütte W 120

This Weserhütte W 120 stood longer parked in a gravel pit near Pleß (DE). The Weserhütte W 120 was built until 1986.

As construction crane is this a 27.75 tonne crane. Weserhütte machines are more developed for material handling, like working with a bucket or a grab.

The Weserhütte W 120 could be configured with a Deautz F 6 L 413 diesel engine with maximum 157 hp or with a Caterpillar 3304 T diesel engine with 145 hp.

The undercarriage is 4.46 meters long and 3.53 meters wide with the 90 cm wide track plates. The counterweight weights 8.7 tonnes and has a 3.38 meter tailswing.

The boom has a 11.5 meter base length and can be extended in 2.5 meter steps to a maximum length of 34 meters. The boom is here 21.5 meters long.

Left of the boom foot can guide sheaves of the tagline be seen, the tagline is required to stabilize the grab.

A very sharp machine that is now propobly working on a differnt pit.

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