Weserhütte SW 310

This sharp Weserhütte SW 310 stood in the area of Krumbach (DE) in one of the many gravel pits to dig gravel.

As a lifting crane is the Weserhütte lifting maximum 65 tonnes on a 5 meter radius.

The undercarriage has an hydraulic powered tractor chassis with 0.9 meter wide track plates and has a working breadth of 5.1 meters. For the transport over the road can the undercarriage width reduced by using hydraulics to a width of 3.6 meters. The tracks are 6.07 meters long.

As a dragline is the machine usually fitted with 10.4 tonnes of counterweight, that has a 5 meter tailswing. For lifting operations is the counterweight increased to 12.7 tonnes. The adjustment winch for the mainboom is hydraulically and has a 20 mm cable.

The machine is powered by a Deutz F 12 L 413, a 19.1-liter 12-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine with a power of 242 kW (330 hp). The engine poweres in total four hydraulic pumps.

The pull- and lifting cable have a 32 mm diameter.

Attached is here a 4.5 cu.yd (3.4 cubic meter) bucket by Hendrix.

The main boom has a 15 meter base length and can be extended to a maximum length of 48 meters in 3-meter increments.

Here was the machine fitted with a 24 meter main boom.

On some other moment I could take some action photos of the Weserhütte during it was diging gravel. The gravel is loaded with a shovel into trucks and then transported to a concrete mixing plant in the area.

This SW 310 has serial number 16.

The bucket can be thrown to a radius of approx. 28 meters.

A fantastic machine to see in operation!

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