Weserhütte W 180 - Roy Boerties

This sharp Weserhütte W 180 of Roy Boerties was used by the gravel excavation near Arcen (NL). The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 45.57 tonnes in hook operation.

The machine could be powered by three different engines; a MWM engine D 232-V8 with 206 hp, a Deutz F 8 L 413 F V8 diesel engine with 245 hp or a Caterpiller 3306 T 6-cylinder diesel engine with maximum 255 hp. The crane is equipped with two 14.8 tonne winches.

The undercarriage is 4.95 meters long and 3.8 meters wide. The tracks are each 0.9 meters wide and have a mass of 7.5 tonnes.

The counterweight weights 13.6 tonnes and has a 4 meter tailswing.

The minimum boom length is 13 meters and can be increased in 3 meter steps up to 43 meters. The crane is fitted here with a 22 meter boom. The crane is working here with a 1.5 meter Hendrix bucket with a full weight of around 5 tonnes.

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