Tadano TG-500E - UBTS

This Tadano TG-500E belongs to UBTS from Singapore (SG) and was used on a small construction site for some lifting duties. It is a 50-tonne crane mounted on a 4-axle carrier with year of manufacture 2000.

The crane is mounted on a Nissan carrier, the 4-axle carrier has a 8x4-drive line. The undercarriage is powered by a Nissan RF8, a 17-liter 8-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 250 kW (340 hp). Both rear axles are powered, only the two front axles are steerable. Below the cabin is the fifth jack vissible.

The outrigger base measures 5.45 x 6.8 meters, or half 5.45 x 4.6 meters. The fifth jack below the cabin is required to give the crane a 360 degree working range, without the fifth jack is the working range limited to 225 degrees. The outriggers are operated by the control handles next to the outriggers.

In transit is the crane 12.96 meters long, 2.82 meters wide and 3.73 meters tall. The crane weights around 38.8 tonnes.

The counterweight is integrated in the superstructure of the crane, the crane is fitted with two 4.2-tonne hoist winches.

The five-part main boom has a 10.65 meter base length and extends to a maximum length of 40 meters. The two-part jib has a length of 9 or 14.6 meters and is mountable in an angle of 5, 25 or 45 degrees to the main boom. This jib is taken below the main boom.

A sharp and interesting crane of UBTS!

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