Tadano HK 65 - P&K

P&K from Rijssen (NL) is owning this sharp Tadano HK 65 that is installed on a 4-axle GINAF X6 4244 chassis. I could take some photos of the crane during a visit to P&K.

It is a 65-tonne crane with year of manufacture 2016.

The truck chassis comes from GINAF (with a DAF cabin) and is powered by a PACCAR MX-11 engine, a 10.8-liter diesel engine with a power of 300 kW (408 hp). The chassis has an 8x4-drive line.

Behind the front axle are the AdBlue tank and the battery installed.

The superstructure is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 924 LA, a 4-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 95 kW (129 hp). The engine powers two hydraulic pumps which are used to operate the crane functions.

The K-shapped outrigger base measures 7.1 x 6.85 meters, or half 6.8 x 4.58 meters. The front outrigger beams are swinged rearwards during the transport over the road. An amount of 8.1 tonnes of counterweight is stored on the undercarriage, that is locked by the outrigger beams during transport over the road.

Around the chassis are multiple storage compartments made so that the company can bring a huge amount of lifting gear with the crane. Behind the second axle is the diesel tank installed, below the tank is a frame made where two plastic outrigger pads are stored. A set of larger aluminium outrigger pads are at the rear of the chassis stored.

Attached to the superstructure remains 2 tonnes of counterweight, the crane is bringing always the full 10.1 tonnes of counterweight with it. The counterweight has a 3.45 meter tailswing.

On the other side is the Euro 6-muffler installed behind the first axle. Behind the second axle are the compressed-air tanks installed.

The 5-part main boom has a 10.4 meter base length and extends four times to a full length of 41 meters. The main boom can be extended by a 8.8 - 15 meter long bi-fold swingaway jib, that is mechanically mountable under 0, 20 or 40 degrees. Attached to the main boom head is an Orlaco camera to give the crane operator a good vision on his work from above.

The trailer with lifting equipment that is typically used on construction sites is squeaking that the crane's next job will be on a construction site.

A very sharp crane by P&K!

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