Tadano HK 70 - Koeman Berkhout

Koeman Berkhout from Berkhout (NL) took in 2017 this very sharp Tadano HK 70 into operation. The crane was working here on a construction site in Hoorn (NL) to assist by the construction of new homes.

The crane is installed on a Volvo FMX 420 undercarriage with an 8x4-drive line. The undercarriage is powered by a Volvo D13K, a 13-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 308 kW (420 hp). The crane has a total weight of 44 tonnes.

Behind the front axle is the Euro 6 muffler installed.

At the rear of the chassis is a large box for the lifting gear installed, during the transport over the road are on top the four large outrigger pads taken. The Volvo is equipped with two trailer couplings.

The crane is fitted here with 10.1 tonnes of counterweight, this is the maximum that the crane can bring within the valid axle loads. The maximum counterweight weights 15.2 tonnes and has a 3.45 meter tailswing. The crane is fitted with a 4.4-tonne hoist winch with 16 mm hoist rope.

The K-shapped outrigger base measures 7.1 x 6.85 meters, or half 6.8 x 4.58 meters. During the transport over the road are the front outriggers retrackted and swinged backwards. On the side are more storage compartments made, the large diesel tank is installed between the second and third axle.

The 5-part main boom has a 10.4 meter base length and extends four times to a full length of 41 meters. The main boom is extended here to a 31.9 meter length, in this configuration the crane can lift maximum 18.5 tonnes on a 5 meter radius and 2.9 tonnes on a 28 meter radius. The main boom can be extended by an 8.8 / 15.8 meter bi-fold swingaway jib. The jib can be installed on the main boom in a 0, 20 or 40 degree angle and takes care of a maximum hook height of 58 meters.

After the crane had lifted all the floot plates are the seams filled with concrete.

A very sharp crane of Koeman!

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