Tadano ATF 130G-5 - Glass

Construction company Glass from Mindelheim (DE) owns a big fleet with trucks and cranes to transport theirprecast concrete parts and to assemble them on the construction site. The mobile cranes are mainly from Tadano like this ATF 130G-5. An ATF 220G-5 is also used.

It is a 130 tonne crane on 5 axles. Packed is the crane 14.85 meters long, 2.75 meters wide and 3.99 meters high. The transport mass is, incl. 6.3 tonnes of counterweight, folding jib and 3 sheave hook, 60 tonnes.

The undercarriage is powered by an 8 cylinder diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz, type OM 502 LA with 551 hp. The superstructure is powered by a 4 cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM 924 LA with 173 hp. All axles are steerable, 4 axles are driven.

The outrigger base measures 8.03 x 7.5, 8.03 x 6.2 or 8.03 x 5 meters.

The crane is equipped with a second winch.

Here was the crane fitted with the full 42.3 tonne counterweight, that has a 4.19 meter tailswing.

The main boom has a 12.8 meter base length and extends 5 times up to a 60 meter length. With the 60 meter boom a 56 meter radius can be achieved.

Next to the main boom is hanging a 3.8 meter folding jib, mostly is the second hoist rope reefed over the short folding jib to rotate loads with two hooks. The folding jib can be extended up to 18 meters and can be taken by the crane itself. Two intermediate sections of each 7 meters are making the folding jib 32 meters long, but have to be put up with an other crane.

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