Sennebogen 613 M - Xaver Lutzenberger

Xaver Lutzenberger from Pfaffenhausen (DE) was using this Sennebogen 613 M on a construction site in Woringen (DE). It is a 15-tonne crane with year of manufacture 2010.

The crane was available on a tire- or crawler undercariage. The outrigger base of the crane on tires is 4.8 x 4 meters.

The crane has a 3.5-tonne hoist winch.

The crane is powered by a Deutz TCD2012L42V, a diesel engine with a power of 91 kW (124 hp). In terrain has the crane a maximum driving speed of 8 km/h, on the road is it maximum 20 km/h.

The main boom has a 7.5 meter base length and extends two times up to a maximum length of 18.8 meters. The folding jib has a 5 meter length and is under 0 or 45 degrees mountable.

The operation mass of the crane is 19.3 tonnes.

The elevatable cabin was with this crane standard. The view height for the crane operator is maximum 4.1 meters above the ground.

A sharp crane that is used for all kinds of smaller lifting jobs on construction sites.

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