Sennebogen S 1225 M - Kurt Motz

Kurt Motz from Illertissen (DE) was operating this Sennebogen S 1225 M from year of manufacture 1992 on various construction sites. It is a 25-tonne crane with lattice boom on tire-undercarriage.

Due to the tire-undercarriage could the crane relocate quickly on the construction site and could drive of the road, the maximum driving speed is 20 km/h. The total weight of the crane is around 22 tonnes.

The crane is powered by a KHD F 6 L 912, an air-cooled diesel engine with a power of 77 kW (105 hp).

The crane is equipped with two 3-tonne hoist winches. The empty drum next to the boom foot is for the tagline if the crane is used with a grab. In the base of the boom foot is also the folding-cylinder vissible. For the transport over the road is is possible to fold the boom, the boom is then during transport over the road pointing backwards.

The counterweight has a 3 meter tailswing.

For extra stability and more lifting capacity can the outrigger base be extended to 5 x 5 meters. Optionally was this crane also on a crawler undercarriage available, the crane is then mentioned as S 1225 R. The crawler undercarriage is 4,62 x 2,75 meters.

The main boom has a maximum length of 22 meters and the jib has a maximum lenght of 12 meters. The maximum combination is 19 meters of main boom with a 12 meter jib.

Here was the crane fitted with a 13 meter main boom and a 12 meter jib.

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