Sennebogen 630 R - Hentschke Bau

A Sennebogen 630 R of Hentschke Bau from Bautzen (DE) on a construction site of a viaduct over the highway A8 near Augsburg (DE).

It is a 35 tonne telescopic crane on a crawler undercarriage. The undercarriage is here retrackted and is then only 3 meters wide. Extended is the undercarriage 4.6 meters wide.

The crane is powered by a Deutz BF6M 1013EC with 150 kW.

The undercarriage is 5.93 meters long.

The crane has a selfweight of about 38 tonnes with counterweight.

The tailswing of the counterweight is 3.4 meters.

The telescopic boom has a 9 meter base length and has a maximum length of 30 meters. With maximum extended boom is the crane still lifting 5 tonnes on a 10 meter radius.

The boom can be extended with a 7.5 meter folding jib.

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