Sennebogen 613 M - Josef Hebel

A Sennebogen 613 M of Josef Hebel from Memmingen (DE). It is a 15 tonne mobile crane with telescopic boom.

Because of the undercarriage with tyres the crane can relocate quickly at the construction site, a speed of 8 km/h can be accieved on rough terrain. On the road is a maximum speed of 20 km/h possible. The crane weights around 19 tonnes.

The folding outriggers making a 4.35 x 4 meter square.

The crane is powered by a 125 hp strong water-cooled diesel engine.

The counterweight has a 2 meter tailswing.

The Sennebogen 613 M can be equipped with two different main booms; 14.6 or 18.8 meters. Both booms have two telescopic sections. With the 14.6 meter main boom the maximum capacity is 16 tonnes, with the 18.8 meter main boom it is 15 tonnes. This crane has the 18.8 meter main boom.

The hydraulic 3.5 tonne winch with 14 mm hoist cable. This crane can also be used with a grab.

The cabin in hydraulically 1.75 meters in height elevatable.

These kind of cranes are often seen on many german construction sites.

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