Sennebogen 670 R - Boer B.V.

Boer B.V. from Meerkerk (NL) is owning this special Sennebogen 670 R, here seen on a construction site in Leidsche Rijn (NL).

It is a 70 tonne crawler crane that is powered by a Caterpillar 3306 diesel engine with 241 hp.

The undercarriage is 6 meters long and 4.7 meters wide.

The counterweight weights 24 tonnes and has a 4.37 meter tailswing.

The crane has an elevatable cab to give the crane operator a better view over his work on the construction site.

Special is that this crane is fitted with a modified boom of a Kobelco 7065.

The modification can be seen here at the luffing works, by Kobelco the two gantries are fixed with eachother. At this Sennebogen the distance between the gantries is by the luffing rope adjustable like is mostly the case by european cranes.

Now the luffing jib can not be erected below the main boom anymore, like by Kobelco is the case.

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