Sennebogen 625 M - Max Bögl

Max Bögl from Neumarkt (DE) is owning this Sennebogen 625 M, a lattice jib crane on wheeled undercarriage.

It is a 25 tonne crane with year of construction 1996. The crane has a mass of 24 tonnes and hat construction number 115.

The crane has two 8 tonne winches, these are integrated in the gantry that is used to move the main boom.

This crane is provided with an elevated cab.

Special on this crane is that the main boom is moved by hydraulics. The gantry (with the hoist winches) is connected with a heavy hydraulic cylinder.

The main boom is here 17 meters long, existing out of a head and bottom section, with three intermediate sections with each 3 meters. In the first section is a hydraulic cylinder made, this cylinder is used to move the (here missing) jib.

Powered is the crane by a Deutz BF6M1013E engine with 166 pk.

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