Sennebogen 620 HD - BauGrund Süd

The BauGrund Süd company from Bad Wurzach (DE) is using this interessting Sennebogen 620 HD with casing oscillator and pilegrab to drill a source for geothermal energy. The nickname of the crane is "Rita".

It is a 20 tonne heavy duty crawler crane with two 6 tonne hoist winches. The crane is powered by a Cummins QSB 4.5-C160 with 162 hp.

The crane is equipped with the extendable T17-330 undercarriage. The undercarriage has a width of 4 meters. During transport over the road the undercarriage has a width of only 2.75 meters and a 3.06 meter height with boom.

The mass of the crane is about 23.5 tonnes. The year of manufacture is 2012.

A detail of the easy A-frame.

The tracks have a 4.4 meter length, a 0.7 meter width and a 0.87 meter height.

Attached to the undercarriage is the large Nordmeyer casing oscillator. The oscillator must be fixed to the undercarriage due the large reaction loadings out of the drilling operation.

The casing is clamped in the oscillator and is then slewed for- and backwards in approx. 30 degree strokes under simultaneous vertical load, drilled into the ground.

The casing is finally digged out with a grab the create a geothermal source in the hole. BauGrund Süd is using this machine to drill holes from 622 till 1080 mm diameter.

The crane is here fitted with a 12 meter main boom. The max. boom length is 20 meters.

The crane is executed with a foldable boom, this gives the user big advantages for quick and easy transport between the construction sites. The lower two pins between the lower boom sections and the boom insert are removed. The upper part of the boom is then folding backwards - upside down - over the superstructure.

Before was BauGrund Süd operating a Sennebogen S 1020 R, also a 20 tonne crawler crane.

A sharp and interessting crane!

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