Sany SCC 500E - Knol

A Sany SCC 500E of Knol from Akkrum (NL) was used by sheet piling along the highway A7 near Sneek (NL). It is a 50 tonne crawler crane with year of manufacture 2008.

The crane is powered by a 6 cylinder Cummins QSB6.7, the engine supplies 127 kW.

The crane is fitted with 22.1 tonnes of counterweight; existing our of a 4.3 tonne base plate, then four 3.6 tonne blocks, a 1.9 tonne block and a 1.5 tonne block. The 1.5 tonne block is officialy required first when the boom is longer than 34 meters.

The tracks are each 5.82 meters long.

The tracks are for the transport over the road hydraulically adjustable, from 4.51 to 3.36 meters. The track plates are connected with each other directly.

The A-frame should be folded down for the transport. The base machine weights, without counterweight, aroud 32 tonnes.

The crane is here fitted with a 31 meter main boom.

The longest possible main boom is 52 meters long. Also possible is a 43 meter main boom with a 15.25 meter fixed jib.

The round cabine with slide door and joytick operation.

The crane is equiped with two hoist winches, both winches do have a 20 mm hoist cable with a 6.1 tonne line pull.

A nice crane is manufacturer colors.

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