Sany SCC2600A - Hiap Tong

In september 2020 took Hiap Tong from Singapore (SG) a couple of new Sany cranes into operation, the largest crane of them was this sharp Sany SCC2600A. The crawler crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 260 tonnes and a load moment of 1,470 tm.

The yellow, grey and white are the sharp company colours of Hiap Tong, one of the largest crane rental companies in Singapore.

The undercarriage is 9.145 meters long and 7.98 meters wide. The crane is powered by a Cummins QSG12 diesel engine with a power of 242 kW.

The counterweight exists out of a wide base plate of 16 tonnes with in total fourteen slabs of each 6 tonnes stacked on, the counterweight has a total mass of 100 tonnes. The crane can pick-up the counterweight from the ground by using two hydraulic cylinders for assembly without auxilairy crane.

The tracks must be removed for the transport over the road from the body. A single track is 9.145 meters long, 1.2 meters wide and 1.4 meters tall. The transport mass per track is 22 tonnes. With use of the hydraulic cylinder that is attached to the gantry is the crane able to pick-up the tracks from the trailer and install to the body.

Between the tracks are on both sides central ballast installed. 15 tonnes per side, so in total 30 tonnes.

The wide and spacious Sany cabin is 25 degrees tiltable.

Here stood the crane in H configuration with a 38 meter main boom erected, the maximum length of the main boom is 86 meters.

In this configuration is the crane able to lift maximum 165 tonnes on a 7 meter radius or 24.6 tonnes up to a 36 meter radius. The crane can also be erected with a 62 meter main boom in combination with a 63 meter luffing jib. An interessting crane of Hiap Tong!

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