Sany SCC 500E - Van 't Hek

Van 't Hek from Zuid-Oost Beemster (NL) owns some Sany crawler cranes, also some of these SCC 500E's.

It is a 50 tonne crane (50 tonne at 3.7 meters) with YOM 2008.

The 7-part counterweight exists out of a base plate (4.3 tonnes) four 2.7 tonne slobs and two center slabs of resp. 1.9 and 1.5 tonnes. In total 17 tonnes.

A track is 5.82 meters long.

In my eyes these are the successors of the common used Japanese crawler cranes. Often seen at construction sites. Over 100 tonnes is it still Lieherr dominating the (Dutch) market.

The nice shaped cab. The controlling is with joysticks.

The undercarriage has an adjustable width of 4.5 to 3.4 meters.

Fitted with a 43 meter boom. The longest boom is 52 meters or 43 meters combined with a 15.25 meter fixed jib.

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