PPM ATT 530 - Leen Leijnse

This sharp PPM ATT 530 belongs to mr. Leen Leijnse, an one-am business from Wieringerwaard (NL). The crane stood here after a job in Obdam (NL) for a short brake.

It is a 45-tonne crane on a 3-axle undercarriage. The undercarriage with 6x6x6-drive line is powered by a Deutz BF 6 L 513 RC, an air-cooled diesel engine with a power of 210 kW (286 hp).

That the crane is perfectly maintained is good vissible, the crane's year of manufacture is 1993 and is on these photos 24 years old!

The outrigger base of the crane measures 6.43 x 6.08 meters.

Originally was the boom of the crane pointing backwards during the transport over the road. To make the crane a bit more compact and to reduce the sway of the boom at the rear, is the boom on most of the cranes now positioned over the front. On the rear of the chassis are in total six outrigger pads transported, four smaller ones and two larger ones. Not a bad descicion in an area with a lot of reclaimed land!

The counterweight has a mass of 7 tonnes and has a 3.8 meter tailswing.

The main boom has a 9.7 meter base length and extends three times to a maximum length of 31 meters. The crane is able to lift with the 31 meter boom 10 tonnes on a 9 meter radius. The crane is bringing a 9 meter jib, an additional 5 meter section is staying at home.

Usually was this crane with a 3-axle trailer on the move, full with lifting tools and gear, so that the crane is always prepared for each job!

The predecessor models of this crane, the ATT 480 was from the beginning delivered with a single undercarriage cabin. On request of many clients was this changed to a double cabin.

On request of mr. Leen Leijnse was this crane fitted with a height-adjustable cabin on the superstructure, this is for a much better overview on the work.

A very impressive crane that has done a lot of lifting work in North-Holland (a part in the Netherlands) over the years!

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