Liebherr LR 1160 - Zwagerman VMT

This sharp Liebherr LR 1160 of Zwagerman VMT stood on a construction site in Bad Dürkheim (DE), remarkable is that the crane is erected on the small base width.

With the small base width is the undercarriage 8.46 meters long and 4.8 meters wide. The standard base is 6.8 meters wide. In total is 20 tonnes of central counterweight installed.

The crane is powered by a Liebherr D 936 A7 SCR diesel engine with a power of 270 kW (362 hp). The crane is fitted with two 12-tonne hoist winches.

The tracks are each 8.46 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1.475 meters tall. The mass each is 17.26 tonnes.

On the boom foot is the adjustment winch for the luffing jib installed. The luffing jib is minimum 22.7 meters long and maximum 78.5 meters long.

Because the crane is erected on small base width is the maximum counterweight of 62.3 tonnes reduced to 42.3 tonnes. The counterweight exists out of a 12 tonne base plate, six slabs with each 5 tonnes and fasteners with a total mass of approx. 0.3 tonnes.

The counterweight has a 5.9 meter tailswing.

Here was the crane fitted with a 55.1 meter main boom.

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