Liebherr LR 1200 - Weldex

This Liebherr LR 1200 of Weldex was shortly put up in Flushing (NL) and will be driven on board of a crane barge.

81 tonnes of counterweight is hanging at the rear. Exists out of two base plates of 14 and 16 tonnes and 10 slobs of 5.1 tonnes.

The LR 1200 is a 200 tonne crane, the YOM of this crane is 2010.

Between the tracks is hanging another 36 tonnes of lower weights.

Weldex is a large crane hire company of crawler cranes with a yard in the middle of England and a yard in Scotland.

Fitted with a 56 meter main boom and runner for the second winch. The max. boom length is 89 meters.

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