Liebherr LR 11350-P - Weldex

In the spring of 2012 was this Liebherr LR 11350-P of Weldex used to built two big wind turbines in Eemshaven (NL). This was the first job world-wide for a LR 11350 fitted with P-boom.

It is an upgraded version of the LR 11350, notice the double boom and the longer (6 metres) derrick boom. The superlift radius is 30 meters. Here is 80 tonnes stacked on the tray, with a maximum of 600 tonnes.

The upperstructure counterweight weights 300 tonnes and has a tailswing of 11.8 meters.

The crane is here put up with a 48 meter derrick boom and a 144 meter main boom. The longest boom length is 150 meters.

In this configuration the crane is hoisting 412 tonnes on a 34 meter radius. The 'standard' LR 11350 only does 267 tonnes with the same boom length. A difference of 54%. Up to a 40 meter radius is the P-boom profitable, then the crane looses capacity due the height mass of the boom.

The extensions are attachted to the reinforced boom foot, then the boom doubles over length of 75 metres.

One single track is 14.5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2.5 meters height. Mass each is 70 tonnes. To reduce the transport mass the track plates can be splitted up.

This type of cab is also usd by the offshore- and harbour cranes.

It is possible to mount two outriggers on the undercarriage, to simplify the erecting of longer booms. Central weights are not used during this job.

The crane has a Cummins dieselengine with 872 hp.

Both hoist cables have a line pull of 31 tonnes and the cables are 1500 meters long. The diameter is 38 mm.

A gigantic and special crane to see! Weldex owns three pieces LR 11350, this is the only one suitable with the P-boom.

The wind turbine is a Repower 6M, the nacelle weights about 350 tonnes. Beside that are the blades of about 24 tonnes and 61.5 meters not a challenge anymore for the crane.

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