Liebherr 35 KR - Weiss Kranservice

This Liebherr 35 KR belongs to Weiss Kranservice from Mindelheim (DE) and was used on a construction site in Leipheim (DE). The crane's year of manufacture is 1989.

It is a 35 mt bottom-slewing tower crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 3.5 tonnes (maximum radius 13.6 meters) that is installed on a crawler undercarriage. The crane can be driven on the construction site to cover a larger area.

During crane operation the crane should be supported by its four jacks. The outrigger base measures 3.64 x 3.52 meters. The crawler undercarriage is 3.70 meters long and 2.75 meters wide.

This crane was produced in the Liebherr factory in Bischofshofen (AT), today are all bottom-slewing tower cranes produced in the factory in Biberach an der Riss (DE).

The crane has an own 42 kVA power pack with 35 kW diesel engine to power the crane. On the power pack is the logo of the previous owner (Strabag) seems still be visible.

The crane has in total 17.01 tonnes of counterweight with a tailswing of only 3 meters. The top part of the counterweight is for stabilisation connected to the base tower.

The Liebherr K-cranes can be operated with different vertical hook heights. The minimum hook height of this crane is 12 meters and the maximum is 24 meters. Here was the crane in use with the standard hook height of 20 meters.

Herewas the crane with the maximum jib length of 33 meters in operation. In this configuration the crane can lift 3.5 tonnes onto a 11.4 meter radius or 1.000 kg to a 33 meter radius. A very useful crane of Weiss Kranservice!

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