Liebherr LR 1600/2-W - Transbiaga

A very special Liebherr LR 1600/2-W of Transbiaga from Ordizia (ES) was used by the erection of a wind turbine near Pamplona (ES).

Remarkable is offcourse the small undercarriage with outriggers, a concept that is really usable in the Spanisch mountains when the machine is relocated.

The tracks are 10.9 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.9 meters height. A single tracks weights 38 tonnes. The undercarriage is only 5.8 meters wide.

Here the crane is put up with an outrigger base of 14 x 14 meters, it is also possible to make a rectangle with 17.5 x 10 meters.

The outriggers are hydraulically adjustable. During relocating the outriggers are swinged inwards. The undercarriage has then a maximal width of 5.8 meters.

The undercarriage exists out of a central 31 tonne jar where the 4 outriggers with each 10.6 tonnes are attached to.

Put up with 150 tonnes of counterweight with a 7.8 meter tailswing. The max. upper counterweight is 190 tonnes.

A detail of the derrick boom head.

The support plates are 4.3 x 2.4 meters.

A tray with 240 tonnes of counterweight is attached to the derrick boom when the main boom is luffed down or up.

Fitted in SL2DB execution with the max. main boom length of 138 meters.

The derrick boom is 36 meters long. In this configuration are max. 98 tonnes hoisted on a 20 meter radius.

The crane was here used in a test park for wind turbines on a height of about 2 kms.

The big hook block was also on the construction site but wasn't used.

The view is very impressive.

A lot of animals are living on the mountain, like horses and wild pigs.

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