Liebherr LG 1550 - Sarens

This Liebherr LG 1550 of Sarens from Dordrecht (NL) was used during maintenance of a windmill in the Wieringermeer (NL).

When I found the crane it was still in assembly, in SL3H configuration; tapered main boom with windmill tip ("beak").

Here is the crane put up in it's max. configuration, with 98 meters of boom. The windmill tip is not counted by the boom length, but is 6 meters long. The boom length is expressed like "98+6".

The counterweight is composed out of a 16 tonne base plate and with 6 and 10 tonne slobs. The total weight is 200 tonnes.

This crane was owned by the Dutsch part Sarens Wind that does not exist anymore. Today the crane is deployed from Sarens Belgium.

The crane outrigger dimensions are 13 x 13 meters. For a better spreading of the pressure is a traverse used with double feets. Officily meant should then two outrigger pads being used in the length direction; the idea isn't used here.

At last the hook block must be reefed.

This is the heavy duty boom head.

Then the boom is erected. The assist crane is a Liebherr LTM 1100/2 of Sarens.

In the crane upperstructure are four winches mounted, two hoist winches and two adjustment winches (where of one only is used with the derrick).

A special lifting frame is attached to hoist windmill blades.

Some days later the weather was better to hoist; the first blade is attached right here.

As undercarriage engine is a 8 cylinder Liebherr engine used with 598 hp, as crane upperstructure engine a 6 cylinder Liebherr with 408 hp.

The windmill blades are 58 meters long and weight about 20 tonnes each. Some years ago was the full blade cross hoisted by Mammoet.

It is one of the latest LG 1550's built, Liebherr stopped the production of this crane in 2010.

A very special crane.

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