Liebherr LR 1300 - Sarens

This Liebherr LR 1300 of Sarens was used with derrick boom to erect a wind mill. Here the crane has just placed the first tower part of 136,3 tonnes on a 17 meter radius.

The crane was bought used of the french company Mediaco. Sarens already had a derrick boom of a LR 1280, after small modifications is the derrick boom also usable for a LR 1300.

It was the first time a LR 1300 in superlift was working on a Dutch construction site. Before was the LR 1300 of PVE put up with derrick boom for a show.

The crane seld is put up with 57 tonnes of lower weights and 124 tonnes of upper weights.

The superlift counterweight exists out of a 14.4 tonne base plate and 90 tonnes of counterweight; in total 104.4 tonnes. The max. counterweight is 120 tonnes.

Fitted with a 56 meter main boom, the minimum boom length with derrick boom is 44 meters, max. 119 meters.

The crane is also used to assemble the tower sections (each 4 metres heigh) together, each ring exists out of 3 parts. The parts are in the next village unloaded out of the ship by a Hitachi Sumitomo SCX2800-2.

Later that day the boom is lowered and extended.

Some days later is the boom extended to 68 meters. Here preperations are done to hoist ring 5, weights 114.7 tonnes.

The superlift counterweight is extended to 114.4 tonnes and is making a 13 metre radius.

When the glue between the rings is spreaded is the LR 1300 driving forwards with the load.

So that the ring can be mounted.

The crane's year of manufacture is 2008.

Again some days later, ring 7 will be hoisted.

Ring 7 weights 106.8 tonnes, here is the load hanging in the crane.

With the LR 1300 there will be build to the 8th ring. Because there was no other big crane available a LR 1300 was used.

The replacement of the LR 1300 was found in this LR 1750, also of Sarens.

Here is with help of the LR 1300 the derrick boom of the LR 1750 hung in. Shortly atfer is the LR 1300 dismantled. Meanwhile is the LR 1300 painted in the nice Sarens yellow and blue.

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