Liebherr LR 1100 - Willy Naessens

Willy Naessens Industriebouw from Wortegem-Petegem (BE) is operating multiple cranes that are mainly used for the installation of precast concrete elements on her construction sites. It is a 104.5 tonnes crane with year of manufacture 2002.

A 240 kW strong diesel engine is powering the hydraulic pumps to execute the crane functions. All crane functions can be operated simultaniously.

The crane is erected with 32.3 tonnes of counterweight with a 4.7 meter tailswing. The counterweight exists out of a wide base plate with a mass of 17.3 tonnes and in total ten smaller slabs with each 1.5 tonnes that are mounted in two stacks with each five slabs onto the wide slab.

The undercarriage is 6.46 meters long and 5.05 meters wide.

With use of the hydraulic cylinder attached to the boom foot is the crane able to assemble itself completly.

For the transport over the road is it possible to retracked the undercarriage to a transport width of 3.5 meters. Optionally is it also possible to dismantle the tracks. Then are hydraulic jacks attached to the undercarriage to support the crane.

On both sides of the undercarriage is 7.5 tonnes of counterweight, in total 15 tonnes, attached.

The luffing jib has a base length of 14 meters and a maximum length of 62 meters.

Here stood the crane erected with a 26 meter long main boom and a 23 meter long luffing jib. A very sharp crane in the colours of Willy Naessens that is also deploying other Liebherr cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 160 tonnes.

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