Liebherr LR 1300 - Van Marwijk

This Liebherr LR 1300 of Van Marwijk was used by the expansion of soccer stadium De Grolsch Veste in Enschede (NL).

The crane was hoisting some heavy precast concrete parts. Van Marwijk owned two of these cranes, but meanwhile is one sold.

Fitted with 35 meters of main boom and 38 meters of luffing jib. The biggest configuration is 59 meters of main boom and 113 meters of luffing jib.

The tribune beams are delivered by Rensink from Almelo (NL).

The crane was here before, for the expansion on the other side. The crane was also used for the Scheringa Museum in Opmeer (NL).

Fitted with 124 tonnes of counterweight and 57 tonnes of carbody counterweight.

Such a beam weights about 42 tonnes, about 20 meters of radius can be made with this weight.

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