Liebherr HS 842 HD - Leitenmaier

This Liebherr HS 842 HD of Leitenmaier from Ziemetshausen (DE) is a 50-tonne heavy duty crawler crane that was used here with a bucket to dig gravel in the area of Memmingen (DE).

The heavy duty crane is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 442 A, an 8-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 267 kW (363 hp).

The counterweight has a total mass of 11.8 tonnes and exists out of a 7.6 tonne base plate and an additional slab of 4.2 tonnes. The counterweight has a 4.15 meter tailswing.

Leitenmaier is also deploying a newer Liebherr HS 835 HD.

The undercarriage is 5.27 meters long and 4.4 meters wide. For the transport over the road can the breadth be reduced to 3 meters.

The year of manufacture is 1991.

The heavy duty crane is fitted with two 12-tonne hoist winches with free fall function. The drag cable is guided below the boom through the fairlead. The hoist winch is reefed over the boom.

The bucket has a volume of approx. 1.15 cubic meters (1.5 cu. yds).

The heavy duty crawler crane was fitted here with a boom length of 21 meters. The maximum boom length the crane can work with is 38 meters.

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