Liebherr LR 1350/1 - Felbermayr

A Liebherr LR 1350/1 of Felbermayr with year of construction 2009 was used on a large construction site installing precast concrete elements.

It is a 350 tonne crawler crane. It is the smallest crawler crane with lattice boom that is produced at Liebherr's plant in Ehingen (DE). The crane is powered by a Liebherr D 926 TI-E engine with 367 hp. With the engine are four hydraulic pumps driven.

The crawlers are 9.7 meters long, 1.2 meters wide and 1.53 meters heigh. The tracks have a 23 tonne mass each. It is possible to add addional supports to the tracks to erect longer booms without the derrick boom.

The central ballast exists out of two slabs with each 7.5 tonnes and a plate with a 4 tonne mass. In total is it 38 tonnes.

The undercarriage is 8.4 meters wide.

This crane can also be erected with a 27 meter derrick boom and additional derrick counterweight or wheeled counterweight.

The counterweight weights 125 tonnes and has a 7.1 meter tailswing. The counterweight exists out of a 15 tonne base plate with eight 10 tonne slabs and six 5 tonne slabs.

Put up in SW configuration; with heavy main boom and luffing jib with lattice A-frames. Fitted with the shortest main boom of 24 meters and a 36 meter luffing jib. The max. combination is a 56 meter main boom and a 66 meter luffing jib.

This is the normal version of the LR 1350/1 with lattice A-frames. Also existing is a LN version with a leight weight boom and boxed A-frames.

The adjustment winch for the luffing jib is installed in the boom foot of the main boom.

The crane is fitted with five slew gears and can also be used with the wheeled counterweight.

A very sharp crane!

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