Liebherr LR 1200 - Enercon

Enercon from Aurich (DE) is using for the assembly of their large cranes a fleet of smaller crawler cranes, like this sharp Liebherr LR 1200. It is a 220-tonne crawler crane.

The undercarriage is 8.7 meters long and 7 meters wide. Between the tracks is on both sides 18.1 tonnes of central counterweight installed; in total 36.2 tonnes.

Here was the LR 1200 used by the assembly of a Liebherr 1000 EC-B 125, here are the plates lifted that work as central ballast and as spreader plates, the mass is around 25 tonnes each.

The crane is fitted with 81.5 tonnes of counterweight, that has a 6.2 meter tailswing. The counterweight exists out of two wide base plates with 14.5 and 16 tonnes and in total ten blocks with each 5.1 tonnes in two stacks of five.

The crane is powered by a Liebherr D 936 L A6, a 270 kW (362 hp) strong diesel engine. The crane is fitted with two 12-tonne hoist winches.

Here is the crane fitted with a 62 meter long main boom, the maximum length is 89 meters. In this configuration is the crane maximum lifting 63.5 tonnes at 7 meters and 6.7 tonnes on a 60 meter radius.

For the transport over the road is it required that both tracks are dismantled. Each track is 8.7 meters long, 1.2 meters wide and 1.345 meters high. The mass each is 19.8 tonnes.

The crane is lifting here the slewing ring of the 1000 EC-B, a 25 tonne lift up to a height of approx. 42 meters.

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