Liebherr LR 1350/1 - Max Bögl

One of the two Liebherr LR 1350/1 that are owned by construction company Max Bögl from Neumarkt (DE) used on construction sites like here, by the assembly of precast concrete elements.

It is a 350 tonne crawler crane, the smallest beeing build by Liebherr in Ehingen (DE).

The crane is 8.2 meters wide. The crane can assemble his tracks with use of an hydraulic cylinder attached to the gantry. The central counterweights between the tracks weights in total 38 tonnes.

The upper counterweights are 125 tonnes in total and exists out of 22 5-tonne slabs and a 15 tonne base plate. The tailswing is 7.1 meters.

The cab.

A track is 9.7 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1.53 meters height. The mass each is 22 tonnes.

In the boom foot of the main boom is the adjustment rope for the luffing jib made.

The crane was busy with the assembly of precast concrete elements for a big storage hall. The crane is driven by a Liebherr D 926 TI-E diesel engine with 367 hp.

Here is the crane fitted with a 24 meter main boom and a 36 meter luffing jib. The max. length of the luffing jib is 90 meters, in combination with a 66 meter main boom.

This LR 1350/1 is executed with a heavy main boom and lattice A-frames. Bögl is also owning a LR 1350/1-LN with light main boom and boxed A-frames.

From above are the two hoist winches in the superstructure (with 16 and 12.6 tonne line pull) as well the adjustment winch for the main boom good recognizable.

After working time the boom is put in chapel position in order the two tower cranes can weathervane in the wind direction.

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