Volvo FH16 660 - P. Schwandner Logistik + Transport

P. Schwandner Logisik + Transport from Pfreind (DE) was transporting a Bauer MC 96 base machine from the company in Schrobenhausen (DE) to Bremerhaven (DE) to continue his trip over the sea.

The truck is a 4 axle Volvo FH16 660, of this type Schwandner is owning more of them.

Behind the cab is an equipment tower with a large fuel tank, storage boxes and airbarrels made.

The trailer is an 8 axle Goldhofer lowloader in 3-bed-5 configuration.

The base machine of the Bauer MC 96 heavy duty crawler crane weights about 70 tonnes, is 4 meters wide and 3.6 meters high.

About 8 meters long is the undercarriage. The Bauer MC 96 is as crawler crane a 100 tonne crane and is mainly used with a large trech cutter or grabs.

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