Volvo FH16 660 - P. Schwandner Logistik + Transport

Transportcompany P. Schwandner Logistik + Transport from Pfreind (DE) was parked with this very nice Volvo FH16 660 along the German Autobahn because such kind of transport are only achievable at night.

The CAT 992G wheelloader has a 4.5 meter width and a length of about 11.5 meters (without arm and bucket) and a height of about 4 meters, without cab, exhaust and railings.

Coupled to the Volvo is a Goldhofer lowloader in 3-bed-5 configuration.

The truck is this nice Volvo FH16 660 with a short wheelbase. The truck has a 16 liter D16C engine with 660 hp.

Behind the cab are a big fuel tank made, with below some air barrels below. Above the tank are some storage boxes made.

The impressive load with a mass of about 60 tonnes.

The lowloader is partly extended, the overal length of the combination is over 30 meters!

A very nice couple! Schwandner can be see often on and along the Autobahn with oversized machines.

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